We are thrilled to say that the Médico Doktor Vibes and Stan Hubbs LPs are available again -- now with CD versions as well! Visit our catalog for links to their respective pages.

Our compilation spotlighting selections from our U.S. vanity and private-press LP collection has been pushed back again and again due to never-ending licensing issues, but it is still on the way -- albeit in the slow lane.

The compilation will feature unique musical visions from middle America and beyond. Long-lost artists on this release will include Buffalo, New York's sorority lounge act, the Mam'Selles; Chicago, Illinois' balladeer, Manfred; Fremont, Ohio's space traveling family act, The Christian Astronauts; Chattanooga, Tennesee's self-trained harpist, Anne Lee Patton; Hutchinson, Minnesota's guitar-happy lounge act, Los Bandidos, and many others. More information, images, and mp3 excerpts forthcoming.

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