We are thrilled to offer this CD reissue of Marc Mundy's self-titled 1971 LP; a truly unique, privately-issued curiosity rescued from obscurity by one of our favorite trailblazing collectors, New York's Paul Major.

Many (Mid)East/West crossover albums surfaced during the psychedelic era but none that sound quite like Mundy's. "You'll have a hard time finding another LP to compare with this combination of feeling and sound," Major claims and we couldn't agree more. The emotional effect of Mundy's vocals coupled with his band's irresistable groove is a strange pairing -- you could argue that the two are at odds with each other, but the result is a sound and feel so unique and compelling to our ears, we believe it to be in a class all its own.

Here's what our friend Thompson Owen had to say about the album --
we liked it and decided to use on a sticker for the CD:

In one stroke, impossibly good and charmingly average. How could this record exist? How could it not exist? Distant foretelling of east coast new wave (recorded in 1970?!) but built on a Turkish rock, Marc sincerely doles out musical x's and o's, eager to please, wanting to be loved. This was supposed to be top of the pops -- it didn't work out but this record is still pure Turkish delight.

The CD was mastered from one of the few surviving original copies and includes a 4 panel poster insert with original back cover lyric sheet, a short biography, and a rare 1970 photo of Marc all handsomely packaged with original front cover artwork.

 Original LP and CD cover
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  Original CD back
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 Original LP back cover and CD poster [click for large version]

  Original  LP label

   CD disc

Reviews of Marc Mundy to come...
Track List [mp3 excerpts highlighted]
1. The Hidden Meaning Of Your Love
2. Our Love Can Never Be
3. How Can I Marry This Language
4. Love Me All The Time
5. The Nights We Spend Together
6. Don't Love Me Anymore
7. The Tragic House
8. I Know Not Where
9. Give Up Your Pride
10. I'm Crying Your Name

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